Blue Direct has recently introduced packages to help improve your online presence.

Starting with your website, we’ll improve the look and usability of your campaign or cause online.

We’ve built websites for activist groups, non-profits, candidates, constituency associations, and other conservative groups.

By working with you and coming up with a plan for what you want your website to do (education, taking action, donations, etc.), we’ll come up with a lightweight, usable website that elevates your campaign or cause above the competition.

You’ll get custom designed graphics and headers and as many or as few pages and features as you’d like, which means you’ll stand out and attract more supporters than the other guys.

Social Media Design and Consulting (Facebook & Twitter)

You know you’re supposed to use Facebook and Twitter to interact with and engage your followers, but you’re just not quite sure how to use the tools at your disposal.

We’ve seen time and time again, the consequences of poorly managed social media profiles (candidates canned, campaigns lost, causes sunk). If you’re not sure how to go about using these powerful tools, you need a bit of guidance, and that’s ok.

We help you by designing custom graphics for your profiles and setting up a one-time campaign or an ongoing consulting agreement. Whatever your needs, we can help you make sense of hash tags, timelines, and more.