We’ve helped candidates, campaigns, organizations, political parties, non-profits, and riding associations raise money all across Canada.

Live Telephone Fundraising

Our trained callers, tested scripts and newest technology ensure you get the best results – all while putting you in the driver’s seat.

We will work with you to create a telephone fundraising plan that works best for your organization.

We are open and transparent and will provide you with full reporting for every aspect of your telephone fundraising campaign. You’re in charge, so if you’ve got a schedule, we’ll call on the days you want us to call. Otherwise, we’ll work with you to develop the best campaign and keep you up to date as we raise crucial contributions that will put you in the lead.

Direct Mail Fundraising

Conservatives know that direct mail is the life blood of many movements and campaigns that brings in the most – and best – contributions.
We provide competitive rates on letter copy, design, and consultation that will convince your target audience to donate to your cause when you need it – right now.

Email Fundraising

As part of our Email marketing plan, or by itself, email fundraising can reach a very active, connected part of your base. It’s never been easier to collect contributions online, and for your supporters, it’s never been easier to give online. We’ll help you start to get the most out of your list by tapping an under utilized segment of most organizations with a professional email fundraising campaign, complete with reports and statistics so you can see the reach of your campaign.