Our Rivals

Why on earth are we providing info on our competitors?

Our competitors may provide some of the same services as we do but they don’t necessarily share our commitment to the conservative movement.

We’re so confident that you will find our Live Telephone Services and Political Solutions so high-quality and affordable that we want you to shop around. We’re honest, transparent and conservative and we think you’ll like what we can do for you.

Go ahead…the more you shop, the better we look.

Momentuum – www.momentuum.com
Campaign Research – www.campaignresearch.ca
Elect Right – www.electright.ca
Dimark Research – www.dimarkresearch.com
RMG – www.rmgsite.com
Logit Group – www.logitgroup.com
Boom Done Next – www.boomdonenext.com
Viewpoint Policy Consultants Inc. – www.policyconsultants.ca

When you’re ready to win your campaign or advance your cause with Blue Direct, send us a note and we’ll get started.