Live Agent Voter Identification and Supporter Development

Data helps you win, plain and simple. Without the best, most accurate and up to date information, you’ll be off the mark and behind your competition.

Blue Direct will help you identify the voters you need to win your election and the supporters you need to advance your cause.

Our telephone calls, made by our trained agents, will help you find supporters and mobilize them for your campaign. We’ll work with you to develop the best script and the best questions necessary to give you the most robust set of data to help you understand your target audience or constituents.

Once you know who to target, we can segment the list and build your supporter base with persuasion calls, membership sales and renewals, and more.

We’ll develop a method of sharing data with you regularly, and break it all down for easy analysis.

We have developed industry best practices and will use our combined experience on hundreds of campaigns to get you the best results possible.