Why Blue Direct?

We are conservatives who want to see conservatives win.

Blue Direct offers a full suite of services to help you win your campaign, advance your cause, or strengthen your base. We’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns locally, provincially and federally, and have helped activist groups and non-profits raise money, win on issues, and grow their lists.

When you work with Blue Direct, you’ll be working with people who want to see you win because of our convictions, not just because it’s our job.

As a results oriented company, we’ll work with you while continuously testing and tweaking what we’re doing to ensure you get the best results.


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We’ve helped candidates, campaigns, organizations, political parties, non-profits, and riding associations raise money all across Canada.


Blue Direct has recently introduced packages to help improve your online presence.

Riding Development Program

Blue Direct has worked with Members of Parliament and Members of the Legislative Assembly to strengthen their Electoral District/Constituency Association (EDA or CA).

IVR Voter ID and Polling

Blue Direct can help you get the best value for your money with our IVR Voter ID Program.

Telephone Town Halls

Our Telephone Town Hall Meetings are a unique telephone forum that makes it easy for you to communicate with your target audience.

Voice Broadcast

Blue Direct’s Voice Broadcast Program is an effective and smart way to connect with voters and the public.

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